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Meet Honkai: Star Rail’s Stellaron Hunters – Elio’s Secret Band

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The Stellaron Hunters are a notorious band of renegades in Honkai: Star Rail, under the enigmatic leadership of Elio. Their primary objective is to hunt down the elusive and destructive entities known as stellarons, also referred to as the “cancer of all worlds”. Despite their seemingly nefarious pursuits, the true intentions driving the group remain veiled in secrecy, and their involvement in shaping the journey of the main characters, Caelus/Stelle and the Astral Express, is undeniable.

Meet the key members of the Stellaron Hunters:

Elio: A mysterious figure at the helm of the Stellaron Hunters, Elio possesses remarkable foresight and commands formidable stellaron energy. His influence behind the scenes orchestrates pivotal confrontations for the Astral Express, shaping their heroic odyssey.

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